Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you mean by diversity?

A: Diversity is represented by the variety of ways we are different in terms of physical attributes, capabilities, cultural/social backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and ideas (Landrum-Brown, 2005). Cultural diversity, specifically, refers to including but not limited to: ethnicity, race, disabilities, gender, age, social class, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, geographic area where raised (rural, urban, suburban), national origin, language, political party, etc.

Q: What do you mean by Inclusive?

A: Our campus community has great diversity. Inclusivity is the next step: to value, respect, and affirm these differences. Inclusivity can only be accomplished through interactions, relationships, education, and the sharing of our voices and perspectives.

Q: Then why does Inclusive Illinois exist?

A: The three objectives of Inclusive Illinois are to showcase the ways in which the University of Illinois demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and diversity; celebrates its achievements; and educates the campus and the community about diversity and inclusivity.

Q: What does Inclusive Illinois do to promote diversity?

A: Inclusive Illinois supports and encourages programs, workshops, seminars, classes, and initiatives that advance the campus' collective commitment, thus creating an understanding and appreciation of the value of diversity through an inclusive living, learning, and working environment at Illinois.

Who is it for?

A: It is for the entire Illinois community of faculty, staff, and students.

Q: If I am the victim of a hate-related event, should I contact Inclusive Illinois representatives?

A: If necessary you should first contact local police. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, the home of Inclusive Illinois, does handle such incidents. While Student Affairs handles 'hate-bias' related issues, it is a goal of Inclusive Illinois to prevent hate from spreading.

Q: The University already has cultural centers. Why do we need Inclusive Illinois?

A: U of Is legendary cultural centers serve an important need for the campus. Inclusive Illinois has a separate and distinct mission and objective. Click here to learn more about the centers.

Q: Is Inclusive Illinois an RSO?

A: No. But it does have an advisory committee made up from students from across the campus community, with at least one member hailing from each college and unit on campus.

Q: How do I contact my Inclusive Illinois representative?

A: A listing of all Inclusive Illinois representatives is located on this site. Click Here!

Q: Does Inclusive Illinois offer any classes.

A: Not yet. It does, however, offer a comprehensive list of courses dealing with issues of inclusivity and diversity. Click Here!

Q: Why should I support Inclusive Illinois? What is it relevant to me?

A: As a member of our campus community, all members must work to create and sustain a living, learning, and working community of respect.

Q: How do I get involved with Inclusive Illinois?

A: You can start by signing the commitment statement, which is available on this site. Click here to get involved and find out other ways you can help create an inclusive environment at Illinois.

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