Commitment Statement Art

Check out the word art created from student, faculty and community member commitment statments at the University of Illinois.

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Student in Educational Psychology

One of the main reasons I choose to come to UIUC was because of it's commitment to diversity.
Wordle: commit2

Faculty at FAA/Krannert Art Museum/School of Art and Design

Through the constant cultivation of respect and appreciation, I remain open to new voices, new perspectives, and new pathways to a peaceful and productive future.
Wordle: commit1

Student at College of Education

As an RA for University Housing, I am very happy to see that InclusiveIllinois seems to be a very powerful program. It is very exciting to see UH's Inclusivity statement spreading to the campus' colleges and university as a whole.
Wordle: commit3

Staff at Curriculum and Instruction

This is a wonderful program, and I am happy to support the effort!
Wordle: commit4

Student in Educational Policy Studies

I come from a multicultural background in India, a very diverse country where we celebrate 'unity in diversity'. I love the concept and practice it each day with family members from different religious and ethnic background.We love and care for each other. I wish inclusive Illinois all the best!
Wordle: commit5

Contribute your commitment to diversity here.