January 2007

As a review of bias and discrimination issues on campus, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access began to reexamine its Campus Conduct: our campus, our culture (2000) program. This review served as a starting point for the development of a campus-wide program dealing with issues of diversity and inclusivity.

February 2007

Racism, Power and Privilege at UIUC forum was held. Forum dealt with issues of diversity and tolerance, with a specific focus on the 2006 Tacos and Tequila themed-party, and ongoing debates regarding Chief Illiniwek. High attendance showed how critical the issues were to campus.

April 2007

University concludes last of six planning meetings on creation of a new initiative. Meetings began in January. Throughout process, OEOA researched and studied diversity programs and initiatives implemented at other universities. Some of the reviewed programs included Penn State, Northwestern, Ohio State, University of Maryland, UC Berkeley, University of Washington and University of Michigan. OEOA had also began talks with the Program on Intergroup Relations and Inner Voices Social Issues Theatre, and consulted with Creative Services and WILL about media possibilities.

June 2007

Name of program, Inclusive Illinois, is confirmed. Deans and directors were asked to designate an Inclusive Illinois Unit Representative to serve as a key contact to help implement programs and the initiative's objectives within their respective units. Individual meetings began with representatives from each campus unit to discuss their college's or unit's strengths and challenges regarding diversity and inclusivity.

July 2007

Web site, posters, and brochure demos were unveiled.

August/September 2007

Chancellor's Office sent a mass mail announcing the launch of the One Campus Initiative and the Inclusive Illinois Web site, Inclusive Illinois brochures and posters were available at campus and community events. These events included Quad Day, I-Celebrate/Taste of Nevada, Teaching Assistant Orientation, C-U Days, Student Move-In Day, LAS Faculty Orientation, Grad Student Information Fair, and the Staff/Employee Expo. Inclusive Illinois posters were also delivered to the Registered Student Organization's (RSO) Office at the Union for distribution. The Inclusive Illinois Student Advisory Group was formed, and was comprised of 25 students who had contacted OEOA wanting to be involved or who had been recommended. On September 26, a reception was held to bring together all campus community members who took part in developing the first phase of Inclusive Illinois.

October 2007

Student Advisory Group began to meet on a monthly basis. Research was also done regarding the most effective ways to reach students about Inclusive Illinois, and ways to increase their participation in events that promoted diversity and inclusivity on campus. OEOA also attended the Town Hall Meeting regarding racially-themed parties, and, in conjunction with the Center for Democracy in a Multiracial Society (CDMS), began to gather reports and studies on diversity and inclusivity for the Inclusive Illinois Web site.

December 2007

The first issue of the Inclusive Illinois newsletter was emailed to all deans, Unit Representatives, and to the Office of Chancellor, with a summary of the semesters efforts.

January 2008

Student Advisory Committee reconvenes, meeting monthly through end of semester. A meeting was held with the Library about having the Inclusive Illinois Web site serve as a clearinghouse of reports and studies around diversity, inclusivity, and campus climate at UIUC.

February 2008

Inclusive Illinois materials are distributed at the 2008 Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC) Resource Fair.

March 2008

Inclusive Illinois materials were distributed at the Presidents Award Reception for parents and students. Two student groups examined ways to showcase Inclusive Illinois so that students would want to become involved in its development and implementation. Both groups devised a strategic plan that was later shared with the Student Advisory Group. Key action steps were defined and students agreed with the recommendations. A meeting was held with Intersections Living/Learning Community about their Guest-in-Residence Program, as well as with the YWCA, to discuss ways to promote Inclusive Illinois through programs and sponsorship. OEOA also attended two planning meetings for the I-Unite week of diversity in September.

April 2008

OEOA participated in the CDMS Conference titled Race, Diversity, and Campus Climate. It presented a panel discussion about enhancing the living and working environment at the University of Illinois, and incorporated Inclusive Illinois as the University's effort to foster an inclusive campus.

May 2008

The OEOA Expo Table offered Inclusive Illinois brochures and posters to all campus and community attendees of the Biennial Conference for Women. The second issue of the Inclusive Illinois newsletter was emailed, and deans and unit representatives were encouraged to email the following: 1) a link to their college or units diversity Web page 2) their college or units mission or vision statement about diversity and inclusivity 3) photos and narratives of faculty, staff, and/or students that highlight diversity within their college or unit and 4) information about events within their college or unit related to diversity and inclusivity for inclusion within the Inclusive Illinois calendar.

September 2008

Inaugural I-Unite week held. Theme was Explore, Engage and Embrace. Featured roundtable discussion with activist Naomi Tutu, and a final reception hosted by the Chancellor's office.

October 2008

Inclusive Illinois hosts roundtable event on disability issues.

November 2008

Inclusive Illinois co-sponsors 23rd annual Celebration of Diversity.

February 2009

March 2009

Inclusive Illinois co-sponsors annual Women's Career Conference.

April 2009

Inclusive Illinois information distributed and discussed at McKinley Health Fair.

August 2009

OEOA and Inclusive Illinois host workshop on equity in hiring.

September 2009

Inaugural Inclusive Illinois day held as part of I Unite. Effort a collaboration with colleges and units to showcase their commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Inclusive Illinois hosts informational table at Graduate Student Info Fair. Over 2000 commitments signed!

October 2009

Inclusive Illinois hosts diversity roundtable on LGBT issues. Inclusive Illinois also hosts table at Employee Expo.

November 2009

Inclusive Illinois co-sponsors 24th annual Celebration of Diversity

February 2010

Inclusive Illinois hosts diversity roundtable The State of Blacks at Illinois. Also distributes information at annual Womens Career Conference

April 2010

Inclusive Illinois hosts roundtable on Gender Issues. Co-sponsors annual Center for Democracy in a Multiracial Society conference. Theme is Diversity and Democracy.