About Inclusive Illinois

Inclusive Illinois is about institutionalizing a climate of inclusivity at Illinois. It is about the campus community -- faculty, staff, and students -- demonstrating its commitment to valuing and respecting the intersecting identities that we all share. It includes identities that have special legal protections, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, age, national origin, and ethnicity, and also those based on hobbies, interests, geographical locations, personal style, and life experiences. The University’s goal is to heighten awareness and engagement about issues of identity and importance of examining and respecting differences. Diversity is the foundation upon which we live and learn. Inclusivity is the next step: to value, respect, and affirm these differences. Inclusivity can only be accomplished through interactions, relationships, education, and the sharing of our voices and perspectives.

As evidence of the University’s commitment to enhance the working, living, and learning environment for faculty, staff, and students, the University will encourage a standard of conduct and behavior that is consistent with the values of inclusivity. In an environment of inclusivity, there is no place for acts of hatred, intolerance, insensitivity, bigotry, threats of violence, harassment or discrimination.

The three objectives of Inclusive Illinois are to showcase the ways in which the University demonstrates its commitment; celebrates its achievements; and educates the campus and the community about diversity and inclusivity.

Our Vision

Through this effort, we hope to create one campus, of many voices that:

  • Fosters a generation of new leaders who appreciate the value of diversity and inclusivity to our society.
  • Forges relationships between and among groups and people of different backgrounds.
  • Creates an environment accepting of difference.
  • Celebrates what different communities bring to the University of Illinois.
  • Educates our campus community on the history and legacy of diverse population at U of I.
  • Actively addresses issues of hatred and intolerance should they have the misfortune of impacting our campus community.

Inclusive Illinois.  One campus, many voices.