Inclusive Illinois: one campus, many voices

Inclusive Illinois: one campus, many voices is about the campus community -- faculty, staff, and students -- valuing and respecting the many voices, ideas, and perspectives we each bring to Illinois. It is about creating, building, and sustaining spaces, places, and environments that are welcoming, inclusive, and affirming, whether in the classroom, the office, the lab, or the athletic field. It is about building communities, relationships, and friendships that cross the traditional boundaries of identities. It is about crossing the invisible borders, boundaries, and walls that create separate communities. These can be boundaries based on academic interests, majors, hobbies, and fields of specialty. They can also be based on values, beliefs, lifestyles, and life experiences. They can even be based on identities, such as religion, ability, race, ethnicity, national origin, Veteran Status, and sexual orientation.

Inclusive Illinois: one campus, many voices is about creating one campus of many voices. Our goal is to work towards an image of Illinois as a multi-patterned quilt -- weaved together cohesively, yet incorporating and respecting the distinct cloths and pieces of our unique identities.

Campus Conversation on Diversity Series - Videos

View the complete videos of some of our keynote speakers:

Women in STEM fields

April 16th, 3:00-4:00 p.m., NCSA Auditorium

Prof. Karen McDonald, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Associate Dean of Engineering, University of California Davis Director, NSF CREATE-IGERT (http://create-igert.ucdavis.edu) Co-Director, NSF RESOURCE STEM Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education (http://resource-gk12.ucdavis.edu) Co-Director, NIH Biotechnology Training Program.